7.    Glorify God in my body.
(Romans 12:1)

(ages 6 to 12)

Student Ministry (ages 13 to 19)

Thanks for your interest in Student Ministries at Faith, where our highest priority is to continually encourage students to come into an ever-deepening love relationship with Jesus Christ. If this is happening, other benefits quickly follow: students bringing friends to Christ out of the natural overflow of their own love for Christ; students reaching out to the community in service; and students taking an active role in the church at large. Our ministry is not only to students though.  We desire to come along side parents to partner with them in the discipling of their tweens and teens. We desire to be a resource for families and believe that a healthy student ministry cannot exist without this vital partnership.  
Our Goals:

  • To make the message of Jesus as clear and understandable as possible to everyone who wants to hear (1 Timothy 4:2)
  • To give students many opportunities to grow stronger in the faith and act on what God's word says (James 1:22-25)

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  • Mind: Academic Excellence
  • Will: Strong will and determination to succeed
  • Emotions: Remain in control  

Glory Phi God is committed to equipping youth to keep the seven principles through involvement in their homes, schools, and communities.  These principles will raise the standard for what it means to be a godly young person in our society.  GPhiG will cross all racial, social, and denominational barriers to uphold the vision of bringing our young people into absolute unity for one common purpose.

If you commit to these seven principles and make them your lifestyle, we guarantee that you will see God move big time in your life.

Glory Phi God (GphiG)

I will…

1.    Pray for all youth and schools. 
(I Timothy 2:1)
2.    Pray for all unbelievers to come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
(I Timothy 2:4)
3.    Pray for the leadership in schools. 
(I Timothy 2:2)
4.    Respect and remain subject to the authority God has placed over me.
(Romans 13:1-4)
5.    Glorify God in my spirit. 
(Galatians 5:22-23)
6.    Glorify God in my soul.
(Romans 12:2)